Do you offer trail rides?
While we do have access to trails from the farm, we do not provide trail rides to the public.  Owners and riders who lease horses are allowed to ride on the trails.

How old do you have to be to take lessons?
The minimum age is 6 years old.

Is tacking service provided?
We believe in teaching riders to appreciate and care for the horses they ride, therefore, we expect riders to learn to groom and tack their mounts for their lessons.  Grooming and tacking will be part of each riders lesson until they can safely and proficiently do so without instruction.

I am a first time client, what type of lesson do I need to start with?
Regardless of your skill level, if you are a new client, you will need to book a 1 hour private lesson.  At that lesson, your instructor will explain our routine, evaluate your skills and discuss your riding goals.  The instructor will also give you an indication of what type of lesson is recommended going forward.

At what point can I join a semi-private lesson or group lesson?
In order to join a semi-private lesson, the rider must be able to safely steer around other riders independently. They may still require assistance in tacking.
To join a group lesson, you must be able to tack independently or near being able to tack independently.

What equipment do I need for my first lesson?
For your first lesson, you will need a shoe or a boot with a low heel.  No open toed shoes should be worn near or around the horses.
We have helmets that can be borrowed. If you decide to continue to ride, we recommend that you purchase your own helmet.  Your own helmet will fit better, is more sanitary and is safer.
Riders must wear long pants.  Riders are not allowed to ride in shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions
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